Progettazione interni Monza

Planning of interior and exterior spaces tailor made on customer needs. Core of all our projects is the ability to understand and interpret at our very best the needs and tastes of our customer. Each project is developed in close contact with our customer, who will be assisted throughout all phases of the project. Starting from a volumetric and photographic relief of your location, we offer personalized solutions at every level. We will choose with you materials, fixtures and furniture, respecting your needs and directions. Step by step, you will see the design of your project develop thanks to the use of both “classical” techniques of representation and the most advanced computer graphic ones. These will give you back realistic photographs of your environments, being able to render every aspect or detail.



Creation of photorealistic pictures, videos or multimedia presentations for interior and exterior spaces or products. 3D rendering is an increasingly popular tool among building professionals and designers that helps achieve presentations of high visual impact. Photorealistic renderings are an indispensable tool for construction marketing, project presentation, architectural planning and feasibility study. We are experts in CAD Design, 3D Modelling and in the Rendering Production of interior and exterior spaces using computer graphic techniques based on 3D modelling and lighting. The realism of the images is obtained by using the best algorithms for the simulation of lighting, which fits with Global Illumination and Radiosity solutions. The richness of the interiors and the accuracy of rendered materials is made possible thanks to extensive libraries of furnishings and surface materials. In order to make even more effective presentations of your projects we also realize 3D animations that will allow, for example, our clients to virtually tour their home even before its construction. We also provide the plan and realization of the graphic impact of your presentations, whether it is a simple leaflet for a real estate initiative or a dockyard sign or a more complete set of graphical rendering of high visual impact for an architectural or design studio.



Study and organization of every aspect of the renovation of your spaces. We organize and follow you through the whole complex path that will bring your project to its realization with one goal: the best possible result to satisfy your needs. Our decades of experience in the industry allows us to offer contractors that can realize the project defined with you (builders, plumbers, electricians, blacksmiths, assemblers, etc.) as well as to advise and accompany you throughout the several outstanding legal paperwork (DIA, energy savings, restructuring tax deductions / tax allowances to be included in your tax return, etc.).



Design solutions of the highest quality that are able to satisfy your demands. During the delicate phase of furniture and home accessories selection, we are able to offer tailor made solutions for every different type of environment by proposing products of the best brands or by proposing furniture systems “ad hoc” designed and made by craftsmen who collaborate with our Studio.



Exhibition space for photo-shoots or location for events of all kind. The studio provides its interior spaces that are suitable to be used as show-rooms / exhibition space for photo-shoots or as an ideal place for meetings of small / medium businesses who want to find a comfortable, familiar and hospitable environment that is, at the same time, of extreme elegance and refinement, and for which we are able to offer additional services (catering, photographer, video, backstage video, videoconference, etc.).